Saturday, December 12, 2009

Generation Gap

JoyDad and I had the privilege of attending Rose's 2nd/3rd grade music program at her school yesterday morning. The music teacher had built the program on the theme of "Mexico," connected to a social studies unit they'd all just finished. The entire show was bi-lingual, giving the Spanish-speakers a chance to shine and the English-speakers an exciting learning challenge. They even had a seasonal touch, a song from the tradition of "Las Posadas" which re-enacts the procession of Mary and Joseph from door to door in Bethlehem until they finally find shelter and welcome. It was very well done, and of course the sight of my first-born up there singing and moving so enthusiastically brought tears to my eyes!

After the program, I got a chance to visit Rose's classroom, something I've not been able to do this fall during school hours with all my LEND overload.

She'd talked several times about a certain little fellow whom we'll call "R" who sits near her and is apparently "in love" with her. When she speaks of him, I've thought I hear a sense of being flattered, but mostly buried under words of annoyance. Was looking forward to meeting the kid, and prepared to be kinda charmed -- puppy-love and all that, so cute!

And in her classroom I did meet R, and he is indeed a cutie, bright eyes and big smile and full of energy.

Then he spoke to me.

"Hey, are you Rose's grandma?"


Rose, sweetie? Feel free to be annoyed. I won't discourage you in that stance, not one little bit!


jess wilson said...





rainbowmummy said...

Hi Granny! Oh I am sorry, but that is too funny!!

Did you kick him, I'd have kicked him :D

ps In case you don't read comments I just wanted to say how much I HEART you for linking me storm :D

I miss blogging. I should get back into it.


Anonymous said...

lol! lol more. Lol into the evening.

No doubt Rose will continue to do a fine job of selecting males with whom to associate.

Just like her mom. ;)

AuntieS said...

Oh my, you so do NOT look like a grandmother!!!! Perhaps this young man needs a good pair of glasses??? Does Rose know what he said? Was she embarrassed by it? Or were you the embarrassing one because you somehow made this cute young man think you were a grandma??? LOL!! Of course, if I slip and call you Granny when you are here for Christmas, well...LOL!! Too funny.

Anonymous said...

oh, so not cool.


Anonymous said...


(Were you wearing one of those colorful knit Christmas Sweaters with bells and sequins?)

Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

They start early with that foot-in-mouth bit!