Saturday, March 21, 2009

Knows Who She Likes

A guest post from Lynda, the daycare Wonder Woman! (It's an excerpt from yesterday's daily report.)

Joy was a real climber today. But not on her usual pieces of furniture. She kept climbing onto the computer chair at the desk and trying to get up on the desk. I finally had to take the chair out of the room because I couldn't get her distracted from it. She seemed to be going after Jackie Chan! I have a Got Milk poster of Jackie above the computer. She was totally focused on that when she was climbing. Maybe I should experiment with taking the poster down and putting it lower so she can reach it.

Joy's first celebrity crush perhaps?????


Niksmom said...

LOL, or maybe she wanted a glass of milk and thought she could scam him out of his?? ;-)

Mama Mara said...

Maybe she's like me, and those "Got Milk?" ads creep her out. I always want to enter the photo and wipe off those milk mustaches. Gah! Just thinking about it makes we want to wash my face.

On the other hand, Jackie is perty hot.