Monday, March 30, 2009

Monday Mum...Mum... NUMBERS. Dangit.

Monday Mum...mum...NUMBERS!
As a rule, I don't do memes (little games participated in by all the cool bloggy folk.) Then when I do give in and do them, I always seem to end up twisting the rules somehow. So here's this really neat meme started by Kia over at Good Enough Mama, wherein one posts on Monday using a numbers theme, and she calls it Monday Mum...mum... Dangit, I can't say it. Alliteration be blowed, I've got to call it Monday NUMbers. (Me, have a kid on the spectrum? As a matter of fact, yes, why do you ask?!) Look at the button-thingy above if you want to see the real name.

Anyway. Here goes.

1 = number of new Rose hula-hoop tricks this weekend (hoop goes from waist to neck back to waist again, spinning all the while).

2 = number of rhubarb pies I baked on Saturday.

2 = number of big handfuls that Joy grabbed out of the middle of the pie that was out on the counter Sunday morning.

1 = number of pies that I needed to take for Sunday dinner at GrampaK & GrammaJ's. Whew.

2 = number of items I took seconds of at the amazing wonderful Sunday dinner (wine & turkey; very restrained of me, I thought!)

4 = number of pounds I'd lost since I started trying but before the amazing wonderful Sunday dinner.

0 = number of times I've stepped on a scale since. Don't wanna know.

30 = number of miles I've run in March. So far.

10:08 = per-mile average pace on last Thursday's treadmill interval-training run.

3,465 = number of hairs Joy pulled out of My Little Pony manes this weekend.

10,872 = number of hairs Joy pulled out of her own head this weekend.

1 = number of resulting adorable haircuts (I missed my calling as a beautician, no?)


mama edge said...

1 = Number of really good friends who can't deal with "mumbers" either and who also would love to have a haircut and a few handfuls of homemade pie.

∞ = Other hidden talents JoyMama has up her sleeve. You are amazing.

Anonymous said...

i love this! (and the pie and the haircut and the mom who wrote it!)

Osh said...

You linked me as cool!!!! Thanks toots. Of course I forgot to do this Monday MNumbers

Love the haircut!

Anonymous said...

If you are counting hairs....I might start to worry about you!

Whatever the number, there is beauty in the work of your hands. Lovely haircut!

Guess you better up the number of pies, before MM and Osh show up at your door!


pixiemama said...

LOVE the little haircut!


JoyDad said...

1 - eerie feelings that Blogger knows I was rasied Catholic but haven't been in a Catholic church save for weddings and funerals for many years.

Word verification: priests

kia (good enough mama) said...

MUMBERS!!! Say it! You can do it! It's very liberating.

Ok, not that liberating. But do it anyway. ;)

I LOVE that haircut! Reminds me of my own hair as a kid. :)

Anonymous said...

Hearing the theme for Twilight Zone, JD?

Naaah! All data point to blogger being atheist. And disinterested in re-converting you, JD.

Word verification is fun, not providential.


mine: doress

Michelle S. said...

Thanks for coming by my blog. We live in a university town too... but if you've been reading me you probably figured that out. Wow, I don't "know" you but you've run 30 times in March? that is just bragging! (and wonderful) I finally walked 3 miles today, one of my nye resolutions and it took me until MARCH 30 to do it and I WAS feeling pretty high and mighty! hmph.

Anonymous said...

What Mara said. =)

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

Don't tell Kia but I can't say it either, lol.

Great list and CUTE hair cut :)

Elizabeth Channel said...

You are too funny calling me "cool." I have a few thoughts: that is A LOT of running! I'm excited and inspired by your four pound loss vs. my two pound loss. Perhaps if I exercised like you I'd lose more? Wonderful haircut!

Happy Tuesday!

tracey (aka rainbowmummy) said...

Hand on heart the diet version is as good, that we are in this together and yep it sure helps, though why don't we all just gang up and sit on all the skinny folk, then we can eat what we want!!

You know what I miss, banoffee eton mess, cream, toffee sauce banana, meringue and pecan, now as soon as you find a toffee sauce that won't make me fat you let me know 'kay?