Saturday, March 14, 2009

Summoning of the Snark: Wisconsin Edition

My snark of blogfriends went to Boston without me... but at least I got a T-shirt! Dear Mama Mara, who came over for coffee and brought me kringle and played with Joy the other day, also brought a surprise: a Look Me In The Eye T-shirt from the bloggy gathering with John Elder Robison in Boston last month. Woof!

Mama Mara wrote in her trip report after arriving home from Boston:
Sadly, I didn't get near enough time with [Rhemashope] of Autism in a Word, so I am going to have to insist that she come to my neck of the woods soon and visit with me and my (there-with-the-snark-in-spirit) neighbor, JoyMama.

I agree.

In fact, Mama Mara & I agree so much that:

We hereby summon the snark to Wisconsin this fall. Sometime October-ish.

Blogfriends, this is your chance for a midwestern meet-up! We'll schedule in the fall because it's usually quite pleasant and colorful-foliage-y around here at that time of year, and it doesn't conflict with the Southern California playdate that's already on the books for June.

If you would like to be in the loop for more information and date-decision-making, say so in the comments or drop an e-mail. This is an invite-yourself affair, m'dears. You don't have to be affiliated with the Boston or the So.Cal. gathering to do the Wisconsin one!

There'll be cowpies...!


JoyDad said...

...and if y'all ask real nice, JoyDad might even make an appearance. If boys are allowed in your clubhouse, that is...

Nope. said...

That would be great. I've been lurking around, commenting, but as an Aspergian and a teen and a Rocky-lover, I'd love to try to come, if invited...If you'd like to read my blog or just converse in a better fashion, you may email me at

Michelle S. said...

I would be interested? (she says cautiously!)

Anonymous said...

did someone say cowpies?

i'm definitely interested! not sure i'll be able to swing the trip, but would love to try!

Run Luau Run said...

JoyDad, you are in for a is a great group and they even let me come down to play a little! (yes, that Matt)

pixiemama said...

I want to (I really, really want to!) but I'm not sure if I can swing the trip, either. I'm going to have to call in all kinds of favors to cover the kids while in So. Cal this summer (here's where I'm crossing my fingers that we get to do that...)

So... keep me in the loop, and I'll try to figure out if I can make it.


Anonymous said...

I have certainly never been to Wisconsin before and would LOVE to see you lovely midwestern girls. I'll start saving my pennies now!

Osh said...

Count me in for sure!

Anonymous said...

Real life. As I already said [So Cal] an evening off is a rarity, a weekend has yet to come to pass. You'd think with the ever increasing numbers around here that it would be a possibility at least, but strangely is doesn't seem to work out that way. Hope you all have a brilliant time.

Anonymous said...

Pick me, pick me!

JoyMama said...

This is all looking very promising! :-)

Goodmum, I'd say "pick yourself" but I think you just did! (You can pick yer friends, and you can pick yer nose, but you can't pick yer friend's nose...)

A super-preliminary scheduling sort of e-mail will be coming around in a few days.