Thursday, May 20, 2010


Rose decorated our front step with chalk on Tuesday after dinner.

Welcome to a house filled with fun!
Paradise at home

When I saw it, my first reaction was to think "Girl-child, have you forgotten how you and I were yanging at each other this morning over piano practice and homework?" You-just-don't-GET-it(sigh/eyeroll) vs. that-is-not-a-respectful-way-to-talk-to-your-mother, etc. Pre-teen fulminations from an 8-year-old mouth, impatient mama, eventually near-tears on both sides, this was not Garden of Eden stuff.

Then I realized -- she hadn't forgotten in the slightest. The sidewalk decoration was an oblique kiss-and-make-up.

I love you too, sweetheart!


K- floortime lite mama said...

oh my that is just beautiful
what a precious child

Anonymous said...

ditto K's comment. Can't say it better.


Tanya @ TeenAutism said...

She is indeed a sweetheart!

DolphinHugger said...

Wow. Just wow.

jess said...

Love, love, LOVE it.

Anonymous said...

delurking to say
Way to go Joy! and it is sooo about motivation.
The first ever sign that stuck and stayed with my little man was 'more', introduced and reinforced with chocolate buttons!


JoyMama said...

Thanks all!

@Anonymous/Kim, thanks in particular for de-lurking! *More* was Joy's first sign too, and though it went away for awhile, I think it was the first one to return too! It's a good multipurpose one, and in Joy's case has kind of generalized to mean "I want".

I guess this conversation kind of goes with the previous post, but we can talk here, that's fine too!