Friday, May 21, 2010

Spring Shearing

Rose has been growing out her hair for quite a while, other than a trim or two. She had planned to let it grow out enough to cut a 10-inch-long donation to Locks of Love, but it was starting to be a hassle to comb and otherwise care for, and she wanted it out of her face.

So she asked me to cut it short.

Came out pretty cute, if I do say so myself, though that perhaps has more to do with the wearer of the hair than with my scissoring skills. The 6+ inches of hair that came off was not wasted -- she had heard in her 2nd-grade class that there was an organization collecting hair to make into booms to soak up oil from beaches (the Gulf spill will surely be soiling beaches soon, alas). I did some poking around and found out that the salon where I usually go is sending their hair-clippings to A Matter of Trust this month. When I went for a cut this week, I took Rose's clippings as well, along with some fur that she'd pulled out of our indignant shedding rabbit's hindquarters.

JoyDad got a cut there too earlier this week, which leaves just one of us.

Longtime readers will remember the hair-pulling, hair-cutting drama last spring. The April 2009 shearing looked like this:

Guess what happens when you let a buzzcut grow out for a whole year?

It turns into the most lovely regular feathery layers you've ever seen.

I just can't stand to cut it yet, even though it's starting to get long enough that Joy puts it into her mouth sometimes, and it's also becoming a hassle to comb after bath.

I'll never manage layers like that again, unless we bring back the buzzcut. Which is not on the agenda right now, even if all the cool/beautiful women have tried it!

Maybe when the weather gets warmer, I'll figure out a new hairstyle for Joy, somewhere in between the shearing extremes.


Floortime Lite Mama said...

Lovely hair your girls have
great haircut on rose

JoyDad said...

Thankfully, JoyMama did not post a shot of the back of my head... It more resembles the picture of Joy's shaven head than the one with the flowing locks...