Thursday, May 13, 2010


A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds...
-- Ralph Waldo Emerson

I am a huge fan of Joy's primary care doctor. He specializes in special needs, and really seemed to "get" Joy, from the very first visit.

We had a pre-op appointment this week in advance of Joy's scheduled hernia surgery. Actually at the time we scheduled it, it was going to be for the combined scar-reduction & hernia surgery, but in the wake of the insurance company's decision to deny the scar-reduction, we had settled on doing just the hernia surgery. This was our first chance to talk to Joy's primary care doc about that decision.

He was properly appreciative of Joy's amazing developmental explosion. He was also on the ball with a thought that hadn't occurred to us -- that when one of his patients with special needs has a surgical procedure under sedation/anesthesia, he likes to take the opportunity for a blood draw and test all those levels that you don't get a chance to do without quite a bit of trauma otherwise.

But then he told me that he wanted us to think very carefully about our decision. The hernia is really tiny, he said -- it had made sense to fix in context of the other (now cancelled) procedure, and given JoyDad's hernia history he'd still back us up if we decided to go ahead. But to him, it didn't seem that the hernia posed a serious issue, and certainly not an imminent one. We can always continue to monitor it, and decide on surgery later if it seems to be getting worse. And -- here was the kicker -- he asked us if we were sure we wanted to run the risk of interfering with Joy's recent developmental trajectory right now.

If there's one thing we don't want to do, it's torpedo all these amazing gains. We'd thought about that angle, but hadn't perhaps taken it seriously enough.

So, we've cancelled the surgery. It's kind of a relief to have such a fine reason to reconsider.

Thanks for all the positive thoughts!


Helena said...

Oh, I just LOVE doctors like him! My Girl's pediatrician is the same kind of person. I'm so glad you have him "watching over Joy" and helping you in making the right decisions. I'm sure you must be so relieved that it's not necessary to have the surgery right now.

jess said...

what a fabulous doctor. the world needs more of those!

glad to 'hear the relief in your voice.'

Anonymous said...

Canceling the surgery does not cancel my positive thoughts for Joy ;)

Good news!

Barbara said...

Love, love, love that your doc thinks things through. How wonderful of him to suggest the blood draw.

You can always change your mind later about the surgery.

Good doctors melt my heart.

Glad your sweet girl is hitting her stride lately!

Niksmom said...

It's always nice to hear about the GOOD doctors who make responsible suggestions which are actually in the patient's best interests. YAY!

Can't wait to read about more developments bursting forth. :-)

Casdok said...

We need more doctors like that!! And so lovely to hear about amazing gains :)