Thursday, May 27, 2010

Product Hits and Misses: All Terrain Tricycle

I've just changed one little thing in the sidebar -- Miss Joy is no longer 5 years old, but SIX! Happy birthday, sweetheart!

JoyDad and I decided a while ago that our gift to her would be a new tricycle, more suitable to her size. She'd finally this spring started riding the sweet little trike handed down from her sister, just as she got to the point of outgrowing it!

So we went online to see what we could find for a big-kid trike. We didn't need anything adaptive, mind you. Just something that acknowledged (universal-design-wise) that sometimes bigger kids like to ride trikes too, whatever their neurology. What we found was way outside our price comfort zone. We were not particularly interested in dropping between $150 and $250 on a tricycle, no matter how right-sized and sturdy!

Fortunately our school-district team came up trumps. The PT at Joy's school recommended a trike from Harbor Freight, which has a local store here. The product is called the All-Terrain Tricycle, and the full price is an eminently-reasonable $59.99 (plus shipping if you order online.) Apparently this item goes on sale frequently. We paid $50; as of this writing, it's $42.99 online.

The trike comes partially-assembled in a box:

Big-kid trike components
The assembly instructions were poor, but the assembly was intuitive enough I had no problem. It was half an hour from box-opening to all-cleaned-up, with photography included!

Big-kid trike assembled

The trike rolls easily, is plenty tough, and has multiple holes for setting the seat closer or further back depending on how long your kiddo's legs are. Downsides are minimal. The seat is a little too tilted for my taste; the front tire assembly pivots all the way around, as opposed to our smaller trike that didn't let you turn it too far; and, the new-materials smell from the tires was so strong we couldn't store the box in the house!

Other than that, though, it's an excellent bang for the money, and I think Joy will do just fine with it. I'll write more about the presentation of the gift, and other birthday-celebratory reflections, after we're back from our traditional Memorial Day pilgrimage to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan. Happy long weekend, everyone!


Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday wishes to Joy!

Great gift!

Regarding the tilt of the seat, do you mean the back is lower than the front? I would agree with that not suiting my expectations either. I also have an idea for how to mitigate the tilt.

Have a wonderful weekend!


Niksmom said...

Happy birthday, Joy! Hope she enjoys that tricycle as much as I imagine she will. :-)

Viktoria said...

Happy Birthday Joy! Have lots of fun with your new trike!

JoyDad said...

My favorite part is that there's a sticker on the trike that says the maximum load is 600 lbs.

No, that's not a typo.

The whole JoyFamily could go for a ride at the same time! That is one tough trike...

One Mom said...

Happy birthday, Joy!!!

600 pounds, eh? I think I might have to get one...never know when I'll feel the urge to ride a tricycle with The Hubbs and The Princess on my shoulders!

Floortime Lite Mama said...

a very very happy birthday to joy
hope she enjoys the trike