Thursday, March 12, 2009

Some Kids Go... When They Sit N' Spin

Back in the 1970s or so, there was this really catchy TV ad that went with this really cool toy: the Sit N' Spin! Ingeniously simple, the toy consisted of a stationary spindle in the middle, a wheel on top of the spindle for the kid to grab, and a rotate-able platter at the bottom of the spindle for the kid to sit on. Sit on the platter, grab the spindle, pull yourself around, make yourself so dizzy you puke! The ad went like this:

Some kids go [sound effect: wheeee!] when they Sit N' Spin,
Some kids go [sound effect: honk! honk!] when they Sit N' Spin...

Well, Joy has a modern version of this venerable toy. It has a purple oval instead of a circle for a platter, a big picture of Dora the Explorer on the spindle-wheel, and a way-noisy Dora soundtrack.

Joy loves it.

Here's how it looked this morning:

Some kids go

Squat N' Spin
When they Sit N' Spin,

Some kids go

Stand N' Spin
When they Sit N' Spin,

Some kids go

Bending Over the Sit N' Spin
When they Sit N' Spin,

Some kids go

Lie N' Spin

Some kids go

Sit N' Spin On Top

Some kids go

Actually Sitting N' Spinning
When they Sit N' Spin!

Funny enough, one of the squats during all that sitting n' spinning resulted in a full diaper. I guess some kids really do go when they Sit N' Spin!


Anonymous said...

So is JD gonna put that to music?

Looks like a lot of self-joint compression, eh?

Does she actually spin on it?

A very nice, now classic, toy indeed. And, might I add, referring to the previous post, she is almost outgrown. Ahem.

You might start looking for the next similar-sensory-input toy for larger Joy, eh?

Love reading about your girls. Thanks! BRatK

JoyMama said...

BRatK - wish I could have found the tune to the jingle online. It's much better with the music. As to the actual spinning -- in the very last photo, the one with the smile, she's actually using the toy as intended. She *can* do it just fine, only there are so many other interesting poses to take!

Niksmom said...

This just made me laugh! Um, I recognize the pose in the third picture; Nik does that too when he's "going." LOL

JoyMama said...

LOL Niksmom -- I think it was actually the first pic! :-)

mama edge said...

I'm never going to hear that song without thinking of Joy.

And full diapers.

WORD VERIFICATION: foope (noun) the sound one makes when filling one's diaper while playing on a Sit-and-Spin

Me said...

Greetings JoyMama...and thanks for commenting on my blog. I have to tell you the first thing I thought when I saw this post on the Sit n' Spin is that, as part of my son's sensory diet in second grade he would have periodic breaks in his day for a sensory/stimming relief....which included some sort of spinning device that he could spin on...I never saw it but based on the description I immediately thought of a sit n' son is way too big (and has been for a long time) for a normal sized one which made me think "How big do they make those things?" and " Can I get one to spin on when the world is driving me crazy?"

Anonymous said...

What a cutie! We have a sit n' spin, too, so many of those poses look familiar. There's also the pose where she balances on the wheeel atop the spindle. (I'm kind of glad we don't have the Dora one - we'd hear the music TOO much!)

Anonymous said...

Coming back in just to mention a noticeable influence from one of the other bloggers (I won't say who but her initials are MM) to post about, you know, 'going'. (Or, not.)

I will be watching to see if 'going' or, not, begins to dominate here on ES.

word verification: foutingl - sounds like another word for 'going' to me.

Stat Mama said...

How cute! Sit and Spins are awesome, and it looks like she had lots of fun :)

Osh said...

I freaking LOVED my sit and spin! I'm glad she is enjoying it!